Rwandering Through Kigali – The EPIC 10 Part Miniseries

Part 6:  The Kigali

On Saturday we went adventuring around Kigali.  It’s a beautiful city nestled into hills and reaching farther than you would expect.  It’s actually quite big.  There is tons of new construction going up all over the place (a function of President Kigami [I think I spelled that right]’s push to bring international investors in) and most of the buildings look quite new.

We had breakfast downtown at a mallish place with a huge department store, banks, cell phone vendors, hair cutteries, and various other stores and eateries.  Either there are a lot of munzungus in Kigali or they were just all at the mall.

Afterwards we went up to the area around where Cory works.  There were a bunch of government buildings (he’s working with a judge to research how African nations are dealing with corruption in the justice system) including one that was still covered with bullet holes from the civil war and genocide in 1994.  They left the destruction there as a constant reminder of those times.

The mountains in Kigali are mostly covered with newer, bigger buildings while the valleys are where most of the poor people live.  There still exist many shanty towns but the government is working on housing issues in Kigali.  There are places in town where you would think you were in a European city.

The roads are paved and clean.  The people are really nice and helpful.  The transportation system is organized with even the moto drivers having to be registered.  There are flowers and plants all over the place.  It’s really a beautiful city and I encourage any travelling in Africa to check it out.  You might go so far as to describe it as the EPICenter of central Africa.  Well, you probably wouldn’t but I would…


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