Rwandering Through Kigali – The EPIC 10 Part Miniseries

Part 8: The Scene

Saturday night we had dinner at One Love and then went out to a nightclub. Kigali has a pretty good economy and a good number of young people who wear clothes that would fit right into ‘merican culture, but I didn’t expect this club to be so…fresh.

Seriously, if you were rendered unconscious in ‘merica (not drawn while you were unconscious, but forcibly transitioned from a state of consciousness to a state of unconsciousness) and woken up in this club in Kigali, you wouldn’t at first realize that you weren’t in ‘merica anymore. It was…hoppin.

There was a pretty expansive and impressive bar (by that I mean a better selection of intoxicating beverages than I have seen since getting to Africa), a completely packed dance floor, and a pretty large outdoor patio area with lots of tables. The dance floor was…bumpin.

We “danced” a little (note: the crew was mostly munzungus), hung out, and met some other westerners. In fact, I even met some Midwesterners. They weren’t in Kansas anymore. It was interesting to be in a club where there were a lot of munzungus…between that and the atmosphere of the club I almost forgot I was in Africa. We had a pretty good night. It was…epic.

(okay, it probably wasn’t epic but it was still pretty good and I kinda have a thing going here so don’t knock it!)


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