Answers to yesterday’s quiz

Question 1. I woke up this morning to

a) a 900 lb gorilla in my bed

b) a joke about a 900 lb gorilla and it’s sleeping arrangements

c) ugandan kids reinacting a Benny Hill sketch

d) shoot the hostage

The answer was C. They play weird goofy music while the kids run around and line up for school across the street. If you guessed D you’re awesome. If you guessed B…well, it’s conceivable that I could wake myself up telling a joke about a 900 lb gorilla. Do you know, by the way, where a 900 lb gorilla sleeps? ANYWHERE it wants!

2. This week I started learning how to ride a…

a) unicycle

b) bicycle

c) motorcycle

d) hippopotocycle

e) shoot the hostage

I can’t tell you the answer to this question because Joe said NO. Suffice to say that it was not a hippopotocycle, but if I had one I would most definitely learn to ride it.

3. I am already sick of…

a) being called munzungu

b) children calling me munzungu

c) adults calling me munzungu

d) people shouting, “hey munzungu” at me everywhere

e) shoot the hostage

There was no wrong answer to this question.

4. Today at school I…

a) taught a math concept to 5th graders that I never learned in school

b) played matchmaker

c) ate bananas with meat sauce

d) all of the above

e) shoot the hostage

The answer to this is in fact D. They had this weird way of teaching remainders that I’d never seen before. Matoke, a staple of Ugandan food, is a banana like food that is boiled, mashed, and served with sauce over it. I started working on setting up one of the teachers with Stella who runs the guest house I stay in. I would also accept E.

5. The craziest thing I did today was…

a) Ride a motorcycle with two other people on a bumpy dirt road up steep hills

b) Almost made a little girl cry (who laughed and waved and then took off running away from me)

c) Let an Irishman cut my hair

d) Shoot the hostage

All of these things actually happened (except for D of course). I really don’t know which was the craziest. Probably letting the Irishman cut my hair. It took a few tries and I ended up a little high and tight for my taste, but I think it’ll grow out okay before I get back stateside. Answer A is basically routine at this point. Answer B refers to Julianne, teacher Judith’s cute little 2 year old girl. She is always happy to see me but scared of me…talk about dialectic tension!

It’s the weekend. Most of the munzungus went on safari so Nathanial and I are cooking dinner for everyone else. Well, it’s mostly him but I’m helping a little. Baked potato soup…mmmmmm!

Obviously I’m bored and running out of fun things to blog about if I had to resort to making up a quiz. I’ve hit a slow point in my project. Construction hasn’t really started up yet. We’ve done all the grannie visits we can in this area. Kisiizi has just become kinda routine. I’m starting to think about home and missing everyone and everything American. The upside of that is tons of energy and enthusiasm for the U.S. World Cup team. We play tonight at 9:30 pm (that’s 2:30 pm EST) and I expect all of you to be watching! It’s Ghana be a good game!


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