Last Day in Kisiizi – Final Thoughts

I’m exhausted. I visited the Kutamba School this morning to say goodbye to the kids and teachers. I got roped into teaching one period because the teacher was out for the day. At break the kids sung to me and wished me goodbye. It was precious.

I decided to do the hour long walk back. I stopped to watch the guys cutting lumber by hand for a minute. They wanted money for me to watch and take pictures. Hardly. I also checked out the market in Upper Kisiizi but failed to find any good clothes or fabric. I did however draw a lot of attention as the only munzungu there.

I spent the rest of the day doing a little work but mostly getting packed, taking pictures, and saying goodbye to people. I played in the regular evening football game and of course sprained my ankle my last night here. Great.

I can’t even properly reflect on leaving here. It just hasn’t hit me yet. I get on a bus in 6 hours to leave Kisiizi, maybe forever. I will likely be on that bus driving out of town before it hits me and I get all emotional and stuff. As if it won’t be awkward enough being the only munzungu on a bus in Uganda at 6am, if I start crying I’m going to feel a fool. Maybe Mr. T will pity me. Likely not.

I’m packed. I need to go to bed. I’m meeting with Sempa when I get to Kampala then straight down to Entebbe where the airport is. No risks here. I fly out at 10am Sunday so I will be up at 6am then to catch my ride to the airport. Sleep-schmeep.

Ok, I’m obviously delirious from being tired. To the bed place!


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