Who’s that guy we know that’s in Cairo?  Oh yeah, IT’S ME!

I had another long day of traveling.  Up to leave the hostel at 7am.  The airport was sucky.  Had to go to one place to get a fake ticket, then wait an hour for them to call my flight so that me and 70 other people could go stand in line to get our real tickets.  It’s like they thought, “How could we make this system as inefficient as possible?”

Anyways, by the time we all got our tickets and checked our bags and went through the customs or whatever lady and went through security 3 times, we sat in a room for another half hour.  And THEN boarded.  Seriously?!  We left at least an hour late.  Just because.

And what’s the deal with having security at every gate?!  You know those machines gotta cost a lot of money…why not just have a few at one security checkpoint for all the gates?!  You can’t even buy a bottle of water from a duty-free shop and carry it on the plane!  Oh Africa!

I was going to go into Nairobi where I had a layover but because we were running late already and I  had gotten mixed messages as to whether I had enough time, I just decided to play it safe and stay in the airport.  I actually, and to my great surprise, was able to get some work done that I need to finish up for my project.  Less to do when I get back to Atlanta!

Anyways, so I got on the plane to Cairo.  The flight attendants, who were all men which was weird, were quite rude.  There was no being nice or cordial or anything…it was all orders.  Remind me never to fly Kenya Airways ever again.  EVER!  I mean I get that they have a tough job, but part of that tough job is being nice to people even when they aren’t being nice.  And I was.  I promise.  But they weren’t.  Shenanigans.

Finally I got to Cairo.  There were no signs telling us where to get visas so we ended up having to back track.  Oh, you get it at the bank!  Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?!

My bag actually arrived.  I feel like it’s Christmas every time I check a bag and it actually shows up.  This is how much faith I have in the airline industry.

My driver wasn’t there (well, he claims he was but he certainly wasn’t where he should have been when he should have been there).  I had to negotiate a ride to my hostel and both the guy who I negotiated with and the driver asked for tips.  This is a common theme I’ve heard.  I gave them both a tip but said no when the driver asked for more.  I feel like I’m going to be doing that a lot.

There was a sign outside for the hostel and a large open doorway that led to an open courtyard.  There was no signage inside.  I had to go back outside to figure out the hostel was on the third floor.  Up I went the empty, worn, sketchy stairs.  I had no idea if I was in the right place.  What on earth am I doing here and what have I gotten myself into?  Luckily once I finally dragged my bag up the stairs, I came to a landing with a pleasant, colorful set of rooms.

It’s actually kind of nice here with several rooms, wifi, a tv with cable, and showers on the rooms.  It’s not the Marriott (where I’m staying tomorrow and Tuesday) but it’ll do for the night.

I can’t believe I’m in Cairo.  I can’t believe Uganda is over.  I can’t believe I’ll see Julie in 14 hours.  I can’t believe it’s already been almost 10 weeks.  I can’t believe any of it.  I am ecstatic!


One Response to “Cai-WHOA!”

  1. On your journeys, did you get a chance to make it to Kenya?

    I’m particularly interested in the Mombasa region, as I recently found out that I have a family heritage connection there.

    I would love to explore that region.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

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