Do you remember the time…

…when I walked around Cairo by myself on the first night that I’d ever been there…AT 3 IN THE MORNING?!?! Oh yeah, that’s now.

I had a hankerin. I got some beef schwarma (sp?), Pepsi, and a bag of what look to be Lays Chili Lime potato chips but I’m not sure b/c the bag is in Arabic.

Dude, this city is bumpin even at 3am. There were people of all types and ages out.  Even kids.  With and without parents.  NYC, you got NOTHIN on Cairo!

Btw, if you got the Michael Jackson reference in the title, you get infinity awesome points. Lewdow and CBiggs, I’m just going to assume you were already there.


One Response to “Do you remember the time…”

  1. Duh… first thing I thought of.

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