Who was that mosqued man?!

Julie arrived safely last night at midnight. He flight was supposed to get in at 4pm but it was delayed…yeah, 8 hours. Ridiculous.

I surprised her with roses and champagne waiting in the hotel room. Yeah, I just needed to brag about that.

Today we slept in for a bit then checked out Al Azhar Mosque, Khan Ali-Kalili, the Mosque of Sayyidan al-Hussein, and Al Azhar Park.

Both mosques are beautiful and full of history. Al-Azhar Mosque is over 1000 years old and has a mix of architecture from various times and styles. The Mosque of Sayyidan al-Hussein figures prominently throughout the history of Islam in Egypt and is where members of the government come to pray on special occasions.

Khan Ali-Kalili (if you’re not spitting, you’re not saying it right) is a huge market area where novice hagglers come to train before going pro. The vendors will tell you anything to get you to come in their shop including saying “Everything here is free” (an obvious but funny lie), and “I don’t know what you want but I’ve got what you need” which some guy said to Julie. I don’t know how I feel about that one. I was also told on at least 8 occasions, “You are a very lucky man.” Thank you, but please stop reminding Julie of that before she realizes she’s slumming it.

Al-Azhar Park was beautiful with fountains and walkways and great views. There is actually a restaurant from which you can see the entire Egyptian skyline. We were hot and ready to get some AC and rest so we decided to come home for a bit then head back there for dinner.

A word of advice if you ever come to Egypt: Ask a few people how much a taxi ride is, negotiate with the driver before you get in the car, offer way less than you were told (don’t assume the bell hop will tell you the right price), and don’t be afraid to walk away. The guy at the hotel told us it was 69 Egyptian Pounds to get to Khan Ali-Kalili. We got a taxi back for 20. We also got a ride from there to Al-Azhar Park which we were told 20 pounds, negotiated it to 15, and then the driver tried to charge us $15 (almost 6 times as much). We got out of the taxi and then quickly found a driver to take us for 10 pounds.

Negotiating transportation here can be taxiing.


One Response to “Who was that mosqued man?!”

  1. Yep, can relate to that. Hope your having a good time Adam, Luxor should be fun but don’t over do it, damn that place is hot.

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